2023 Demonstrators



ABBA – Michael Dillon, AACB – Mitch Latsch, AFC – TBD, NC-ABANA – Owen Riedesel , FABA – Jordan Borstleman, OBG – Buster Grubbs , PSABG – Jason Anderson

5/4/2023 UPDATE – Liam Hoffman is unable to attend – Steve Williamson will be a lead demonstrator.

Steve Williamson

Steve is a Master Millwright/Welder working in the equipment maintenance side of a major automotive plant. He became interested in blacksmithing about 1994 because he wanted to learn to do two things: forge weld and make dragons. He has learned to do both well, along with many other aspects of the blacksmithing art. He is past president of the Appalachian Area Chapter and he and his wife Vicky have both been very active supporters of the AAC. Steve has taught at both John C. Campbell Folk School and the Appalachian Center for Crafts.

Matt Jenkins

Matt Jenkins spent childhood watching his father craft the world around him as nights and weekends were spent building a log home. As a young adult, Matt worked in the blacksmith shop at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site as well as the home forge on the family farm outside of Selkirk, Manitoba, the same location where he forges today.

Having picked up a hammer up at an early age, Matt feels at home in a room full of tools and around an anvil. Over the past 25 years, he has honed his skills and techniques while studying under master smiths around North America.

Matt Jenkins is an internationally recognized award-winning blacksmith. In 2009, he and Paul Garrett received an Honorable Mention in the team category at the World Forging Championship in Stia, Italy. Returning to Stia in 2015, Matt took home the first place medal in Drawing and Design.

Using handtools and early industrial equipment, Matt creates designs with the timeless feel of handmade work. Throughout the year, he leads workshops at Cloverdale Forge, teaches at the John C. Campbell Folk School, and demonstrates at the Festival du Voyageur.


Jason Anderson – PSABG – Blacksmithing – Jason runs a business, JHA Works LLC, in Greenville, SC where he produces metal art of all kinds. He also has a busy schedule traveling around the country demonstrating his artistic skills.

Mitch Latsch – AACB – Colonial Era Chain Trammel – Mitch is the owner and operator of Little Dipper Forge, Farm and Apiary in Erin, TN.  He has been blacksmithing for 30 years and considers it his life’s calling. Iron runs in his veins and at times he can be overheard stating, “this is what I was put on Earth to do.”  

Steve Alford AFC

Michael Dillon – ABBA – Memorial for Stan Strickland – Michael is an accomplished sculptor and blacksmith. Journeyman. Michael was also on Forged in Fire – Season 9 Episode 22

Buster Grubbs – OBG – General Blacksmithing – Buster was on Forged in Fire – Season 4 Episode 14

Owen Riedesel – NC-ABANA – Building a hanger – Scrollwork and Forge Welding – Owen started Harvest Gap Forge and is a rising junior at The American College of Building Arts in Charleston, SC. He grew up in Weaverville, NC and got his first taste of blacksmithing at boy scout camp at the age of 13

Jordan Borstleman – FABA.


Be sure to bring eye and ear protection to wear while watching the demonstrations or when in the green coal area. The SBA will have safety glasses for sale if needed. Parents must closely supervise their children at all times. Due to the nature of blacksmithing, all unsupervised children can pose risks – not only to themselves, but to other attendees as well.